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rose gold (countable and uncountable, plural rose golds)

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  1. A gold-copper alloy used in jewelry for its reddish color.
    Synonyms: pink gold, red gold
  2. An orange-pink color, similar to the alloy.
    • 1998, Douglas Hobbie, This Time Last Year, page 125:
      I walk around the house, billowy clouds reflecting a rose-gold sunset.
    • 2007, L. A. Banks, The Cursed, unnumbered page:
      [] as she watched the Middle Eastern sun paint Jerusalem stones bathed in rose-gold.
    • 2018, Carol Marinelli, Claiming His Hidden Heir, unnumbered page:
      Over the bikini she pulled on the rose-gold dress that was so loose and flowing, and yet so sensual.
    rose gold:  

Usage notes[edit]

  • While the terms rose gold, pink gold and red gold are often used interchangeably, they may be used more specifically to indicate the proportion of copper (which gives the red colour). In that case, pink gold uses the least copper, followed by rose gold, with red gold having the highest copper content.