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New Latin rosulatus, from rosa (a rose).


rosulate (comparative more rosulate, superlative most rosulate)

  1. (botany, of leaves and bracts) Arranged in small rose-like clusters.
    • 1874, The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening in All Its Branches, Volume 5, page 326,
      It appears to claim a very close relationship to the preceding species, differing chiefly in the tiny leaves being rather more rosulate than caudiculate, and in not being adpressed, but rather the reverse; its petals, also, are narrower.
    • 1950, Gilbert Westacott Reynolds, The Aloes of South Africa, page 494,
      In young plants, the leaves are often more or less arranged in four vertical ranks, but become more rosulate with age.
    • 1971, Hans Bornman, David S. Hardy, Aloes of the South African Veld, page 199,
      [] differs from the typical form in having smaller, shorter more rosulate milky-green leaves, shorter sheaths, greenish-yellow buds, straighter flowers and narrower more or less unicoloured yellowish racemes.