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roundtrip (plural roundtrips)

  1. Alternative form of round trip
    • 1988, May 20, “Michael Miner”, in Screwed by the Tribune, Part 3; Screwed by the Sun-Times; Screws Loose[1]:
      Left with only her Sun-Times subscribers, she faced a 35-mile roundtrip to deliver to four of them.


roundtrip (third-person singular simple present roundtrips, present participle roundtripping, simple past and past participle roundtripped)

  1. (computing, transitive) To export (a file, data, etc.) and eventually import it again without loss of fidelity.
    • 2010, Phil Green, Michael Kriss, Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles (page 284)
      In the colorimetric intents only the values within the gamut of the data encoding can be roundtripped accurately []
    • 2010, Ramesh Bangia, Dictionary of Information Technology (page 449)
      In some cases, roundtripping can involve repeated conversions of the file from one format to another and back. Frequent roundtripping may be a concern because each conversion has the potential to introduce unwanted changes to the file.