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  1. present participle of rush


rushing (plural rushings)

  1. A rapid surging motion.
    • 1841, Alexander Tweedie, William Wood Gerhard, A system of practical medicine
      [] the impediment to the entrance of air into the corresponding portions of the lung is sufficient to produce a succession of interrupted rushings of that fluid during the efforts of respiration []


rushing (comparative more rushing, superlative most rushing)

  1. Rapidly flowing or surging.
  2. (Canada, US, dated) Full of activity, busy.
    • 1897, Opie Read, Odd Folks, New York: F. Tennyson Neely, “The Greek God Barber,” p. 45,[1]
      “I have been in Chicago.”
      “Yes, I’ll bet you have,” Bocage mused.
      “But it is too rushing for my nerves,” Stockbridge continued.
    • 1917, Marion G. Kirkpatrick, The Rural School from Within, Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, Chapter 13, p. 141,[2]
      There are a few months in the winter when business on the farm is less rushing than during other times []
    • 1921, George Wesley Davis, Sketches of Butte, Boston: Cornhill, Chapter 18, p. 166,[3]
      In the places where “hard licker” was still to be had patrons were lined in front of the bar in a double rank and the trade in bottled goods was as rushing as the bar patronage.
    • 1932, “Book Exchange Will Continue Payments,” The McGill Daily, Volume 22, No. 19, 26 October, 1932, p. 4,[4]
      Over two hundred and fifty customers invaded the Book Exchange Monday and Tuesday as its portals swung open to those who were to receive cash payment for books sold. So rushing was the business yesterday that $500 which the executive had on hand was paid out long before the proposed closing time.
    • 1937, Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God, University of Illinois Press, 1978, Chapter 5, p. 66,[5]
      Janie was astonished to see the money Jody had spent for the land come back to him so fast. Ten new families bought lots and moved to town in six weeks. It all looked too big and rushing for her to keep track of.