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See also: swith and swiþ

Old English[edit]



  1. Alternative spelling of swīþ


Weak Strong
case singular plural case singular plural
m n f m n f m n f
nominative sƿīþa sƿīþe sƿīþe sƿīþan nom. sƿīþ sƿīþe sƿīþ sƿīþa, -e
accusative sƿīþan sƿīþe sƿīþan acc. sƿīþne sƿīþ sƿīþe sƿīþe sƿīþ sƿīþa, -e
genitive sƿīþan sƿīþra, sƿīþena gen. sƿīþes sƿīþes sƿīþre sƿīþra
dative sƿīþan sƿīþum dat. sƿīþum sƿīþum sƿīþre sƿīþum
instrumental sƿīþe