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Borrowed from Latin sabulosus, from sabulum (sand).



sabulous (comparative more sabulous, superlative most sabulous)

  1. Sandy or gritty.
    • 1734, William Stukeley, Of the Gout, J. Roberts, page 16:
      ...or fills up the tubular vessels there with sabulous matter.
    • 1833, R. J. Bertin, Charles W. Chauncy, transl., Treatise on the Diseases of the Heart, and Great Vessels, Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blnachard, page 166:
      The patient perspired frequently and freely, ceased to take nourishment, and was taken with vomiting; the urine became sabulous, the sleep was agitated, the dyspnœa and the palpitations augmented, and he died the 2d of January.

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