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sage +‎ -hood


sagehood (uncountable)

  1. The condition or time of being a sage.
  2. (Wicca) The elderly stage of a male Wiccan (compared with the Sage aspect of the Horned God).
    • 1998, Amber K, Robin Wood, Covencraft, page 129
      handpartings, the recognition of crone- or sagehood, and funeral or memorial services.
    • 2006, Ashleen O'Gaia, Family Wicca: practical paganism for parents and children[1], page 220:
      An elder Wiccan man, a male crone. Saging: (SAGE-ing) A ritual to recognize and announce a man's attainment of sagehood
    • 2007, Kevin M. Gardner, A Handbook for Wiccan Clergy, page 29
      Grant (name) the gifts of inspiration, and a clear and quick mind as he/she approaches the honored state of (Sagehood/Cronehood).

Coordinate terms[edit]