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sagging (countable and uncountable, plural saggings)

  1. The act of something that sags.
    • 1969, Sugar Technologists' Association of India, Proceedings:
      It was noticed that there had been saggings and bulgings in the trays.
    • 2020 June 17, “Network News: Overhead line equipment renewed at Camden”, in Rail, page 20:
      Overhead line electrification near London Euston is being overhauled in a four-week Network Rail project to reduce delays in hot weather. The OLE at Camden is being renewed and replaced to help prevent sagging, with some 2,000 metres of new wires being installed.
  2. A manner of wearing pants or shorts below the waist, revealing some or all of the underwear.


sagging (comparative more sagging, superlative most sagging)

  1. (of a person or clothes) Worn low on the waist, or wearing pants or shorts low on the waist.
  2. Hanging down loosely.
    • 2022 August 10, Gareth Dennis, “How can we run trains when the heat is on?”, in RAIL, number 963, page 45:
      For OLE, the same is true for sagging overhead wires. Slower trains are less likely to cause a dewirement - and make less mess even if they do pull the wires down.



  1. present participle and gerund of sag