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From Germanic, cognates include Swedish saft.




  1. (uncountable) A traditional home-brewed strong beer made of malts and traditionally spiced with juniper; nowadays also with hops.
  2. (countable) A serving of that drink.


Inflection of sahti (Kotus type 5/risti, t-d gradation)
nominative sahti sahdit
genitive sahdin sahtien
partitive sahtia sahteja
illative sahtiin sahteihin
singular plural
nominative sahti sahdit
accusative nom. sahti sahdit
gen. sahdin
genitive sahdin sahtien
partitive sahtia sahteja
inessive sahdissa sahdeissa
elative sahdista sahdeista
illative sahtiin sahteihin
adessive sahdilla sahdeilla
ablative sahdilta sahdeilta
allative sahdille sahdeille
essive sahtina sahteina
translative sahdiksi sahdeiksi
instructive sahdein
abessive sahditta sahdeitta
comitative sahteineen

Usage notes[edit]

The name sahti has been entered in EU's "Register of certificates of specific character" (Commission Regulation (EC) No 244/2002) and is thereby protected as a traditional speciality. The description ‘traditional speciality guaranteed’ can only be used with names entered in that Register.