salad shooter

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salad shooter (plural salad shooters)

  1. An electric kitchen appliance that is used to slice and shred vegetables to shoot/drop out pieces into a salad bowl.
    • 1994, Linda G. Rector-Page, Party Lights: Healthy Party Foods & Earthwise Entertaining, page 154:
      Grate 1 carrot or I zucchini in a salad shooter or blender and turn out into the bowl.
    • 1994 September 1, Cincinnati Magazine, page 38:
      In every department store you see newlyweds, their honeymoon tans fading, returning sorbet makers and salad shooters, toasters and tea kettles.
    • 2014, Jim Gaffigan, Food: A Love Story:
      There is the salad shooter, and for one second McDonald's tried selling cups—yes, cups—of salad: "It's salad you can eat while driving!"