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Back-formation from scaredy-cat, equivalent to scared +‎ -y.


scaredy (comparative more scaredy, superlative most scaredy)

  1. (informal, humorous) Characterised by being timid or afraid
    • 1992, Penguin Books, Scaredy Kitten:
      Prescott's sister calls him a scaredy kitten because he's afraid of the dark.
    • 1994, Stephen H. Lemberg, Scaredy dog:
      "Wait, Rufus!" cried the child. "Are you afraid of a bunny rabbit? You are such a scaredy dog!
    • 2007, Chris McMahen, Klutzhood, page 64:
      “Yeah! They're scaredy chickens!” Rocko said. “It's scaredy cats, you lunkhead!” Pinball said.