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Alternative forms[edit]


schmooze +‎ -athon


schmooze-athon (plural schmooze-athons)

  1. (informal) An event where people meet to make social connections; a prolonged period of schmoozing.
    • 1996 January 27, Henderson, Richard, “MIDEM publishers of the USA”, in Billboard, volume 108, number 4, page 48:
      "Currently, we're pretty well settled with everything we've been doing, and a visit to Cannes is more about working on existing relationships. Calling it a 'schmooze-athon' would best sum it up."
    • 1996 April 15, “The Online World of Steve Case”, in BusinessWeek[1]:
      This annual March gathering of the digital elite, held at a resort near Tucson, is a combination of a three-day free-form think tank and schmooze-athon where the latest trends are dissected and, in the corridors or on the golf course, deals are hatched.
    • 2012 July 22, Huw Silk, “London 2012 Olympics: Boris Johnson says London 'as well prepared as any host city'”, in The Telegraph[2]:
      The mayor also suggested the Games would provide a big economic boost to the capital. “This is a gigantic schmooze-athon that’s about to begin,” he said.