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From Late Latin scholiasta, from Byzantine Greek σχολιαστής (skholiastḗs), from σχολιάζειν (skholiázein), from Ancient Greek σχόλιον (skhólion).



scholiast (plural scholiasts)

  1. A scholar who writes commentary on the works of an author, especially one of the ancient commentators on classical authors.
    • 1855, Thomas Macaulay, The History of England from the Accession of James the Second, Volume III, ch. 14:
      [N]o pedantic quotations from Talmudists and scholiasts [] ever marred the effect of his grave and temperate discourses.
    • 1981, John Gardner, Freddy's Book (Abacus 1982 edition), p. 8:
      [L]ike it or not, I was caught up once more in the scholiast’s game, paring popular notions of the ‘queer’ and ‘unearthly’ from notions of the ‘monstrous’.

Derived terms[edit]