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Sciaena umbra
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sciaenid (plural sciaenids)

  1. (zoology) Any fish belonging to the family Sciaenidae.
    • 1985, K. M. Joseph, 3: Marine Fishery Resources of India, G. R. Kulkarni, Uma K. Srivastava (editors), A Systems Framework of the Marine Foods Industry in India, page 112,
      Sciaenids constitute about 70,000 tonnes of the present demersal catch of the west coast. George, et al. estimated an additional potential of about 90,000 tonnes of sciaenids from the west coast.
    • 1997, S. J. Blaber, Fish and Fisheries in Tropical Estuaries, page 107,
      In the Indo-West Pacific, sciaenids are important in the equatorial regions of South East Asia but much less so elsewhere.
    • 2008, David A. Mann, Anthony D. Hawkins, J. Michael Jech, 9: Active and Passive Acoustics to Locate and Study Fish, Jacqueline F. Webb, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay (editors), Fish Bioacoustics, page 298,
      It can often be difficult to distinguish an individual's call when a hydrophone is lowered into a chorus of sciaenids.
      Like damselfishes, sciaenids tend to have species-specific sounds (Fig. 9.8).