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scoop +‎ up


scoop up (third-person singular simple present scoops up, present participle scooping up, simple past and past participle scooped up)

  1. to pick up or clear up by scooping
    • 1994, Pulp Fiction:
      You need to go in the backseat, scoop up all those little pieces of brain and skull. Get it out of there. -- said by The Wolf
    • 2003, J. Flash, An American Savage
      I bent down and with both hands I scooped up as much of this pissshit as I could. The green and brown clump felt like Jello as it dripped down all over my clothes. It was slithering through inbetween my fingers.
  2. to take enthusiastically
    • 2016 January 2, Gary Provost, Baffled in Boston, Crossroad Press:
      You put suntan lotion in a bottle and call it Joe's Suntan Lotion and people won't buy it. But you put the exact same product in the bottle, change the label to Coppertone and raise the price, and they'll scoop it right up.