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scope +‎ -ie


scopie (plural scopies)

  1. (Britain, military, slang) An aerospace systems operator (ASOp) or fighter controller (FC) in the Royal Air Force.
    • 1999 February 24, "Roger Gilmartin" (username), Leaving the RAF, in uk.people.ex-forces, Usenet:
      I always thought we were paid more BECAUSE of the boredom factor. Certainly the air traffic sections worked just the same shifts, and stood their turn at ground defence like us scopies so no cause for a scopie premium there !
    • 1999, March 1, Gordon Clark (author), "Re:Leaving the RAF" in uk.people.ex-forces, Usenet [1]:
      I don't regret joining as a scopie even though I wanted to be a Telecomms techie!
    • 1999 August 19, "Roger G" (username), Type 80 Radar, in uk.people.ex-forces, Usenet:
      Yup - Buchan scopie 75 - 77. What a good radar that was.
    • 2000 February 23, "Steve McNamara" (username), RAF Brownside, in uk.rec.subterranea, Usenet:
      Perhaps this site is something to do with the Scopies at Boulmer?