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scramble +‎ -er



scrambler (plural scramblers)

  1. Someone or something that scrambles.
    • 1984, Elizabeth Stone O'Neill, Meadow in the Sky: A History of Yosemite's Tuolumne Meadows Region (page 31)
      May it comfort us latter-day scramblers up that fine old mountain to know that Le Conte found it "difficult and fatiguing in the extreme."
  2. A vine that does not attach itself to its supports
    • 2010, Beentje, H.; Williamson, J. "The Kew Plant Glossary: an Illustrated Dictionary of Plant Terms"
      a plant growing upwards ... but not twining or attaching itself
  3. A device that makes messages intentionally, but reversibly, unintelligible for reasons of privacy or security.
    In the movies spies are always talking over cell phones with built-in scramblers.
  4. A motorcycle used for motocross.