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From scribble +‎ -some.


scribblesome (comparative more scribblesome, superlative most scribblesome)

  1. Characteristic of scribbling; scribbly
    • 1889, Southern Journal of Homoeopathy - Volume 7:
      That after Green and Sherbino and Jones and Crutcher and Cohen and Orme and Eckford and Bailey and "Yours Truly," and others perhaps more gifted, but lazier or less scribblesome, or more modest or something had had such a big hand in the support and tulelage of the younster it would be an awful injustice as well as a dreadful yank to our chordae tendinae if we should have to part with him so soon.
    • 2008, Linda Lear, Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature:
      Although Beatrix considered them 'very scribblesome', she took note of the boy's interest and enthusiasm.
    • 2012, Henry James, Alan G. James, The Master, the Modern Major General, and His Clever Wife:
      Very charming and very welcome was your letter from Tittensor, which would have been soonest answered if my days & hours were of necessity less scribblesome.