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From scrībō.


scrīptor m (genitive scrīptōris); third declension

  1. writer, author
  2. scribe


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative scrīptor scrīptōrēs
genitive scrīptōris scrīptōrum
dative scrīptōrī scrīptōribus
accusative scrīptōrem scrīptōrēs
ablative scrīptōre scrīptōribus
vocative scrīptor scrīptōrēs

Related terms[edit]



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    • later writers: scriptores aetate posteriores or inferiores
    • an historian: rerum scriptor
    • we read in history: apud rerum scriptores scriptum videmus, scriptum est
    • a writer of tragedy, comedy: scriptor tragoediarum, comoediarum, also (poeta) tragicus, comicus
    • a writer of fables: scriptor fabularum
    • the work when translated; translation (concrete): liber (scriptoris) conversus, translatus
    • the writer, author: scriptor (not auctor = guarantor)
    • the book contains something... (not continet aliquid): libro scriptor complexus est aliquid
    • our (not noster) author tells us at this point: scriptor hoc loco dicit
    • the text of the author (not textus): verba, oratio, exemplum scriptoris
    • a legislator: legum scriptor, conditor, inventor