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scrutny ‎(plural scrutnies)

  1. Alternative spelling of scrutiny Intense study of someone or something; a thoro inspection of a situation or a case.
    • 1841, Christopher Gustavus Memminger, Mr. Memminger's Opinion[1], Digitized edition, AE Miller, published 2010, page 4:
      … and they call upon the Banks to choose between the alternatives of voluntarily doing right, or of subjecting the past to judicial scrutny and sentence.
    • 1964, US Congress, Medical Care for the Aged[2], Digitized edition, US Govt Print Off, published 2010, page 2022:
      Most people find it humiliating to undergo a scrutny of their personal affairs
    • 1967, Clair Wayne Keller, Pennsylvania government 1701-1740[3], Digitized edition, Univ of Washington, published 2011, page 153:
      The Assembly, however, believed that the care in its handling, of paper money could stand the "scrutny" that shall "be made into this affair.
    • 1979, Steven J. Brams, A. Schotter, Gerhard Schwödiaue, Applied Game Theory[4], Physica-Verlag, ISBN 9783790802085, page 353:
      In a democracy public agencies should be subject to the understanding scrutny of the citizen body to the maximum possible extent.
    • 1979, US Congress, The Food and Drug Administration's Process for Approving New Drugs[5], US Govt Print Off, page 325:
      … the closest kind of scrutny by FDA ...
    • 1989, Govt of Gujarat, Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration[6], Digitized edition, Sardar Patel Institute, published 2008:
      and continual self-scrutny of strategies
    • 2008, Rudo Moyo, The Blind Child: Experiences Public Life[7] (37), AuthorHouse, ISBN 9781434353801, page 164:
      Reports were first submitted to the committees and after serious scrutny, judgements were then made.