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sec'tary (plural sec'tarys)

  1. (contraction) secretary
    • 1900, Margaret Blake Robinson, Souls in Pawn: A Story of New York Life, p. 66:
      I'm only Lizzie Kelly, member, while some o' yez are treasurers, an' sec'tarys, an' grand Lord Elephants...
    • 1991, J.S Borthwick, The Student Body: The Winter Carnival At This Maine College Had It All, p. 7:
      Tha's number one sec'tary. Executive sec'tary. Sec'tary of interior, treasury, sec'tary of war.
    • 2010, Sara Donati, Into the Wilderness, p. 278:
      “The sec'tary,” she whispered. And then, with a hug and a look which admonished and encouraged all at once, she slipped away, her white nightdress trailing behind her in a long comma.

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