segja upp

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segja upp (weak verb, third-person singular past indicative sagði upp, supine sagt upp)

  1. (transitive, takes the dative) to lay off, resign, dismiss, axe,
    Þeir sögðu mér upp vegna þess að ég mætti aldrei.
    They laid me of because I never showed up.
  2. (transitive, takes the dative) to break up with, to jilt syn.
    Hann sagði henni upp.
    He broke up with her.
  3. (transitive, takes the dative, of a subscription) to stop, to give up, to relinquish, to give notice to terminate
    segja upp áskrift.
    To give up subscription.
    Við segjum upp blaðinu í næstu viku.
    We'll stop subscription of the paper next week.