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  1. (rare, US, modern British & Australian, short scale) 1054.
    • 2003: Bits and Bytes - New voting system demystified
      STV by the Numbers: [...] 3000^16 (roughly 43 septendecillion) : number of possible voting permutations if 3,000 students vote (Single Transferable Voting is pretty complicated!).
    • 2003 CE: Magic Dragon Multimedia, Timeline Cosmic Future, (2003)
      One Septendecillion Years From Now [...] The total mass of the universe [will be] somewhere between 200 and 500 septendecillion grams.
    • 1896: Frank H. Hall, The Werner Arithmetic, Oral and Written, Book Two, Parts I and II
      The names of the periods above trillion are as follows [...] 19th, septendecillion [...]
  2. (rare, dated British & Australian, long scale) 10102.


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