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sex +‎ ridden


sex-ridden (comparative more sex-ridden, superlative most sex-ridden)

  1. Excessively concerned with or driven by sex.
    • 1940, George Orwell, “Boys’ Weeklies” in Inside the Whale, London: Victor Gollancz, p. 96,[1]
      When the Gem and Magnet were started it is probable that there was a deliberate intention to get away from the guilty sex-ridden atmosphere that pervaded so much of the earlier literature for boys.
    • 1987, Ezra Bowen, “Are Student Heads Full of Emptiness?”, Time, 17 August, 1987,[2]
      [] higher education has failed to keep the flame of true learning or guide today’s students, many of whom appear to Bloom to be sex-ridden moneygrubbers marching to the beat of rock music []
    • 2014, Alexandra Schwartz, “The Sympathetic Spy Downstairs,” The New Yorker, 2 June, 2014,[3]
      In Philip Roth’s “Zuckerman Unbound,” Zuckerman, rocketed to fame and fortune by a book that looks a lot like “Portnoy’s Complaint,” is set upon by anyone and everyone in New York—on the bus, in a coffee shop, in front of a funeral parlor. They come to ogle him, or to complain about his scandalous, sex-ridden novel, or to tell him what to do with his money.