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Alternative forms[edit]


sheep +‎ cote


sheepcote (plural sheepcotes)

  1. (archaic) A small building for sheltering sheep.
    • 1594, Richard Barnfield, The Affectionate Shepherd[1]:
      If thou wilt come and dwell with me at home, My sheepcote shall be strowed with new greene rushes: Weele haunt the trembling prickets as they rome About the fields, along the hauthorne bushes; I have a pie-bald curre to hunt the hare, So we will live with daintie forrest fare.
    • 1845, Mrs. Thomson, Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745.[2]:
      Each officer was at his post, nor could they much complain whilst their General sat on straw, in a sheepcote, at the foot of the hill, called Sherriff Muir, which overlooks Dumblane, on the right of his army.
    • 1903, Alexander Maclaren, The Life of David[3]:
      Besides this, he acquired in the sheepcote lessons which he practised on the throne, that rule means service, and that the shepherd of men holds his office in order that he may protect and guide.


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