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shock-stall (plural shock-stalls)

  1. Alternative form of shock stall
    • 1952, Flight International, volume 61–62, page 655:
      In particular, the use of swept-back wings had facilitated high-speed flight by delaying the onset of shock-stalls.
    • 1968, Lars E. Ericsson; J. Peter Reding, Unsteady Airfoil Stall and Stall Flutter (NASA Contractor Report; NASA/CR-111906), National Aeronautics and Space Administration, OCLC 1109674841, page 34:
      Compressibility effects are not found to change the dynamic stall characteristics in principle until the Mach number gets high enough to cause shock-stall' rather than leading edge stall.
    • 1994, 25th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference: June 20–23, 1994:
      The full shock-stall actually does not occur until the minimum angle of attack has been nearly reached.


shock-stall (third-person singular simple present shock-stalls, present participle shock-stalling, simple past and past participle shock-stalled)

  1. Alternative form of shock stall
    • 1948 August, John Stack; W. F. Lindsey, “Summary”, in Characteristics of Low-aspect-ratio Wings at Supercritical Mach Numbers (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Technical Note; no. 1665), Washington, D.C.: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, OCLC 249173999, page 1:
      The separation of the flow over wings precipitated by the compression shock that forms as speeds are increased into the supercritical Mach number range has imposed serious difficulties in the improvement of aircraft performance. These difficulties arise principally as a consequence of the rapid drag rise and the loss of lift that causes serious stability changes when the wing shock-stalls.