shoot one's load

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shoot one's load (third-person singular simple present shoots one's load, present participle shooting one's load, simple past and past participle shot one's load)

  1. (idiomatic, vulgar) To ejaculate; to cum.
    • 2001, Penthouse Magazine, Letters to Penthouse XII: It Just Gets Hotter, link
      I grab her tighter and shoot my load in her bum.
    • 2005, Sean Wolfe, Close Contact, 343
      I knew what that meant, and was ready to shoot my load along with him. His cum sprayed in every direction; huge, thick, white jets of hot cum covering the wall and chair in front of him.
    • 2006, John Patrick, Taboo!, page 56
      As my body flushed with unexpected heat and my heart palpitated, with hip-thrusting panache I shot my load all over the TV screen.
    • 2008, Mickey Erlach, Boys Will be Boys, page 42
      “I want you to cum with me,” Randy said, “When I shoot my load up that pretty ass, I want you to shoot yours.