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A sigmoid function
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sigmoid function (plural sigmoid functions)

  1. (mathematical analysis, statistics) Any of various real functions whose graph resembles an elongated letter "S"; specifically, the logistic function .
    • 1995, Jun Han, Claudio Moraga, The Influence of the Sigmoid Function Parameters on the Speed of Backpropagation Learning, José Mira, Francisco Sandoval (editors), From Natural to Artificial Neural Computation: International Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks, Proceedings, Springer, LNCS 930, page 195,
      [The] [s]igmoid function is the most commonly known function used in feed forward neural networks because of its nonlinearity and the computational simplicity of its derivative.
    • 2012, Walter Freeman, Neurodynamics: An Exploration in Mesoscopic Brain Dynamics, Springer, page 241,
      The first significant new insight from gamma spatial analysis emerged on re-examination of the sigmoid function representing bilateral saturation.
    • 2016, Roumen Anguelov, Svetoslav Markov, Hausdorff Continuous Interval Functions and Applications, Marco Nehmeier, Jürgen Wolff von Gudenberg, Warwick Tucker (editors), Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic, and Validated Numerics: 16th International Symposium, SCAN 2014, Springer, LNCS 9553, page 10,
      Sigmoid functions find multiple applications to neural networks and cell growth population models [14,20]. A sigmoid function on with a range is defined as a monotone function such that , and .


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