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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. (American spelling) present participle and gerund of signal


signaling (plural signalings)

  1. (American spelling, usually biochemistry) The sending of a biochemical or other type of signal.
    • 1881, Mary E. Jackson, The Spy of Osawatomie[1], page 319:
      The handkerchiefs were tied together, and ordering the men to stand between himself and the main body, he began a series of signalings, as if communicating with some one in the ravine, from whence they had just come.
    • 2008, Alexander Sigalov, Multichain Immune Recognition Receptor Signaling[2], page 82:
      It arises as a consequence of the multiple interactions that occur after a ligand triggers a receptor to initiate a signaling cascade and it ensures that false signals do not propagate to completion.
    • 2012, Nader G. Abraham, Molecular Biology of Hematopoiesis 6[3], page 157:
      This may be due to the fact that gp130 expression is very low on this subpopulation or that signalings from gp130 alone cannot maintain survival or proliferation in these cells.

Derived terms[edit]