silence is golden

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Calque of Latin silentium est aureum (silence is golden).


silence is golden

  1. Peace and quiet have great value.
    • 1877, Charles Reade, chapter 21, in A Woman-Hater[1]:
      "[I] adore good music, I hate bad, and I despise mediocre. Silence is golden, indeed, compared with poor music."
  2. Often the best choice is to say nothing.
    • 1897, Horatio Alger, chapter 2, in Walter Sherwood's Probation:
      But I have spoken long enough. There are times when silence is golden, and one of those times is at hand.
    • 1987 April 4, T.R. Witomski, “witomski responds to readers' response to witomski (letter)”, in Gay Community News, page 6:
      I shouldn't lower myself to respond to the personal attacks on me, but silence, as the current scandal plaguing the federal administration shows, isn't golden.

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