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sing +‎ along


singalong (plural singalongs)

  1. A gathering of people who sing together
    • 2017 June 26, Alexis Petridis, “Glastonbury 2017 verdict: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Lorde, Stormzy and more”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Thom Yorke’s onstage pronouncements became less abstract and more effusive, they played the songs the less committed audience members doubtless wanted to hear in the first place: Paranoid Android, Creep, Fake Plastic Trees and Karma Police. At the end of the latter, Yorke happily led an audience singalong.


singalong (not comparable)

  1. applied to music that is designed to allow or encourage the audience to sing along
    ABBA had a talent for writing great singalong pop songs.