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Alternative forms[edit]


sky +‎ daddy, a flippant reference to the Christian idea of a "Father" in a celestial heaven.


sky daddy (plural sky daddies)

  1. (slang, derogatory, sometimes captialized) A god (especially, God).
    • 2010, Stross, Charles, The Fuller Memorandum (Laundry Files), New York: Penguin, →ISBN, LCCN 2010013534, LCC PR6119.T79 F85 2010, page 81:
      For starters, having an ideology that explicitly denies the existence of an invisible sky daddy is a bit of a handicap when it comes to assimilating the idea of nightmarish immortal aliens from elsewhere in the multiverse, given that the NIAs in question have historically been identified as gods (subtype: elder).
    • 2010 October 14, “Well Said”, in The Good Atheist[1]:
      An invisible sky daddy didn’t save all those Chilean miners; real people with science and technology got it done!
    • 2011 November 9, Bush, Matt, “Nature doesn’t care about us”, in In which I wax acerbic[2]:
      Nature isn’t some sky daddy, it’s what makes up reality by definition.
    • 2011, St. Amant, E. A., The New Ancien Régime, →ISBN, page 79:
      In the book of fairy tales and myths, a big magical sky daddy delivers the populace his own flesh and blood to get horribly slain so that his resurrected son can become your imaginary bearded hippie-friend.
    • 2011, Köehler, John Leonard, Billy Blue Sky[3]:
      “Magic!” said Billy, clapping his hands with delight. “I talked to my sky daddy. He made a magic dream in your heart.”