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Alternative forms[edit]


sky +‎ daddy, a flippant reference to the Christian idea of a "Father" in a celestial heaven


skydaddy (plural skydaddies)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A god (especially, God).
    • 1998, "Alexander Carlton", Random Thoghts [sic] VIII v. 2.1 (on Internet newsgroup
      Go on, believe your little book, let it tell you what to do, and when things go bad, cry to your skydaddy, I don't give a fuck.
    • 2000, "Nat", Get high on God (on Internet newsgroup alt.religion.christian-teen)
      No, actually, I'm a sex addict. But at least that's not as bad as being addicted to imaginary skydaddies. :)
    • 2001, "Bob Simmons", Questions Theists Ask Me (on Internet newsgroup talk.religion.misc)
      We as intelligent beings have determined all of known time right up to .000001 seconds to the beginning. Give those in the search a little time, and the answer will be there. Problem is, those with beliefs in skydaddies won't accept it. And they still have a hold on you.