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Alternative forms[edit]


sleepy +‎ head


sleepyhead (plural sleepyheads)

  1. (informal) A sleepy person.
    • 1966 September 23, Ogden Nash, Book Review: A Precious String of Perelman Pearls: Chicken Inspector No. 23 by S. I. Perelman, LIFE, page 11,
      It consists in asking each sleepyhead in turn which 10 characters, historical or fictional, he would choose to be stranded with on a desert island.
    • 2001, Chris d'Lacey, The Fire Within, 2011, page 185,
      The following morning, Liz had to come and shake David awake.
      “Hey, sleepyhead, rise and shine. I've been tapping your door for the past ten minutes. Aren't you going to college today?”
    • 2007, Jefffrey P. Brown, Black Body Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe, page 33,
      “Why, yes,” said Augustus, “the birds seem to be the first ones up each morning, awakening the sleepyheads.”
  2. The ruddy duck.