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slide +‎ -y



slidey (comparative more slidey, superlative most slidey)

  1. (informal) Tending to slide or cause sliding; slippery.
    • 1998, Charles Rosen, Barney Polan's game: a novel of the 1951 college basketball scandals (page 58)
      I always prefer playing indoors on a soft, bouncy, slidey wood surface because outdoor asphalt courts release the day's heat slowly and the softened tar sucks at the bottoms of your sneakers.
    • 2007 July 15, Jon Pareles, “Sounds Dire, Droll, Dreamy and on the Edge of Kitsch”, in New York Times[1]:
      Tunes with titles like “Mazurka Maracaibo” shimmer with countless plucked strings. Mr. Brozman deploys everything from the small Bolivian charango to a Finnish harp called the kantele, while there’s usually something slidey to carry the melody.