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slub (plural slubs)

  1. A small thickened portion or knot found on linen yarn, caused by defects.
  2. Sludge.
    • 2014 September 7, Natalie Angier, “The Moon comes around again [print version: Revisiting a moon that still has secrets to reveal: Supermoon revives interest in its violent origins and hidden face, International New York Times, 10 September 2014, p. 8]”, in The New York Times[1]:
      According to the reigning hypothesis, about 4.5 billion years ago, shortly after Earth had accreted down into a sphere from its little slub of circumsolar material, another newborn planet [Theia], still shaky on its feet, slammed obliquely into Earth with terrifying force.
  3. Fabric fiber produced by slubbing.


slub (third-person singular simple present slubs, present participle slubbing, simple past and past participle slubbed)

  1. To draw and twist fibers in order to prepare them for spinning.

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