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From Middle English smythy, from Old Norse smiðja, from Proto-Germanic *smiþjǭ, whence also Old English smiþþe (whence (the doublet) obsolete English smithe).



smithy (plural smithies)

  1. The location where a smith (particularly a blacksmith) works, a forge.
    Traditionally a village smithy was a busy place because the smith's work was so necessary.



smithy (third-person singular simple present smithies, present participle smithying, simple past and past participle smithied)

  1. (uncommon) to forge, especially by hand
    • 1995, John Francis Campbell, The Celtic Dragon Myth, page 59:
      So the old smith went out to his smithy and weighed out iron enough to make a stout staff a stone weight, and he smithied it well while his son looked on. [] So they weighed six stone of iron and smithied a great bent club like a shinny, and when that was made and cooled the smith's son said, "that will do."