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  1. Alternative spelling of smoky
    • 1888, Henry Murger, Bohemians of the Latin Quarter[1]:
      One day Rodolphe, who had been jugged for some slight choreographic extravagances, stumbled upon an uncle of his, one Monetti, a stove maker and smokey chimney doctor, and sargeant of the National Guard, whom he had not seen for an age.
    • 2005 June 10, Liz Armstrong, “Summertime, and the Pleasures Are Guilty”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      The kind who craves an "alternative to the smokey bar scene," says the studio's Web site, in the form of an "invigorating candlelight yoga class accompanied by great live music."


smokey (plural smokies)

  1. (US) A state trooper.
    • 1977, Terry Cook, Vans and the Truckin' Life, page 27:
      The middle position, or "rocking chair," is so called because the drivers in the middle don't have to worry about watching for smokeys.
    • 2007, Ben W. Thompson, M'Naghten Rules, →ISBN:
      I was keeping an eye out for the smokeys who were no doubt hiding and waiting for unsuspecting tourists on the way in from Jacksonville.