smooth as a baby's bottom

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smooth as a baby's bottom (not comparable)

  1. (simile) Extremely smooth.
    • 2000, Moosewood Collective, New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant[1], Ten Speed Press, ISBN 1580081487, page 284:
      The texture has been described as being as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom
    • 1993, Peter Robinson, A Necessary End, HarperCollins, ISBN 0380719460, page 316:
      His cheeks were as smooth as a baby's bottom, and he smelled good.
    • 2004, Stephanie H. Meyer; John Meyer, Teen Ink: Written in the Dirt--[2], HCI Teens, ISBN 0757300502, page 89:
      He'd sanded it for hours, "Until it was smooth as a baby's bottom," he'd said, and laughed his deep, throaty laugh.