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snake +‎ head


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snakehead (plural snakeheads)

  1. (fish) A family of perciform fish native to Africa and Asia, Channidae.
    • 2015, Labodalih Sembiring, translating Eka Kurniawan, Man Tiger, Verso 2015, p. 1:
      Through this plantation ran a creek full of snakeheads and eels, its overflow swelling the swamp around it.
  2. (slang) A Chinese smuggler, especially one who smuggles people
    • 2008, Frozen River, 00:33:10
      Why would they want to run? -- To get away from the snakeheads. -- What's that? -- The snakeheads pay to get them here and then they gotta work off what they owe.
  3. A showy perennial plant, Chelone glabra, found in North American marshlands; the turtlehead
  4. A loose, bent-up end of one of the strap rails, or flat rails, formerly used on American railroads. It was sometimes so bent by the passage of a train as to slip over a wheel and pierce the bottom of a car.
  5. The guinea-hen flower, Fritillaria meleagris.