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  1. Saturday


Inflection of sobat
nominative sing. sobat
genitive sing. sobatan
partitive sing. sobatad
partitive plur. sobatoid
singular plural
nominative sobat sobatad
accusative sobatan sobatad
genitive sobatan sobatoiden
partitive sobatad sobatoid
essive-instructive sobatan sobatoin
translative sobataks sobatoikš
inessive sobatas sobatoiš
elative sobataspäi sobatoišpäi
illative  ? sobatoihe
adessive sobatal sobatoil
ablative sobatalpäi sobatoilpäi
allative sobatale sobatoile
abessive sobatata sobatoita
comitative sobatanke sobatoidenke
prolative sobatadme sobatoidme
approximative I sobatanno sobatoidenno
approximative II sobatannoks sobatoidennoks
egressive sobatannopäi sobatoidennopäi
terminative I  ? sobatoihesai
terminative II sobatalesai sobatoilesai
terminative III sobatassai
additive I  ? sobatoihepäi
additive II sobatalepäi sobatoilepäi


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