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social network (plural social networks)

  1. (collective, sociology) A network of personal or business contacts, especially as facilitated by social networking on the Internet.
    • 1989, Deborah Belle, Children's Social Networks and Social Supports, John Wiley & Sons (→ISBN), page 1:
      The social network of interest in this volume is the personal social network that is centered on a particular child. Definitions of social network draw attention to the ties or linkages that connect individuals (and sometimes groups or institutions)—linkages that can be conduits for diverse resources.
  2. (Internet) A service allowing users to manage and interact with their network of friends or contacts on the Internet.
    • 2011, Charu C. Aggarwal, Social Network Data Analytics, Springer Science & Business Media (→ISBN), page xiii:
      The trends in recent years have focussed on online social networks, in which the social network is enabled as an internet application. Some examples of such networks are Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.


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Borrowed from English social network.


social network m (plural social network)

  1. social network
    Synonyms: rete sociale, social
    • 2014, Francesco Tissoni, Social network, Maggioli Editore (→ISBN), page 79:
      Ogni giorno, in ogni parte del globo, oltre un miliardo di persone, da dispositivi mobili o da computer, accedono ai social network: e, da qualche anno a questa parte, proprio i social network sono fra i siti più visitati al mondo.

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