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  1. (obsolete) ho; halloo; a word used in calling from a distant place.
    • Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona
      Proteus: Run, boy, run, run, and seek him out.
      Launce: Soho, soho!
      Proteus: What seest thou?
      Launce: Him we go to find []
    • 1749, Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. In Six Volumes, volume (please specify |volume=I to VI), London: Printed by A[ndrew] Millar, [], OCLC 928184292:
      He then began to beat about, in the same language and in the same manner as if he had been beating for a hare; and at last cried out, "Soho! Puss is not far off. Here's her form, upon my soul; I believe I may cry stole away."