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From some +‎ why.


somewhy (not comparable)

  1. For some reason
    • 1864, Robert Browning, “Mr. Sludge, "The Medium"”, Wikisource, line 505, accessed on 2012-01-18:
      Out of the drift of facts, whereby you learn / What some was, somewhere, somewhen, somewhy?
    • 1988, quoting William Morris, 1924, Thomas P. Riggio editor, Letters to Women: New Letters[1], edition Reprint, University of Illinois Press, ISBN 9780252033766, published 2009, page 179:
      I loved them both—but not so very much else in the book—but I read them over twice & thought—somewhy—of Highland Park & our quaint little trips to Los Angles & elsewhere thereabouts on the street car.
    • 2003, Cameron Royce Jess, Bearer of the Chose Seed[2], Fiction, Inscape Publications, ISBN 9780973241402, page 15:
      Somewhy I've always had this stupid idea that something or something or somebody awful is waiting here for me.
    • 2008, Margaret Feinberg, “Bring Them to Me”, in The Sacred Echo[3], Zondervan, ISBN 9780310309079, page unk:
      But somehow, somewhy, he did something and that woman knew it. And somehow, somewhy on a whole lot of other days he doesn't do anything we can see ...
    • 2011, Issac Marion, Warm Bodies[4], Fiction, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 9781439192313, page 92:
      Or is it actually him? Still holding on somewhere, somehow, somewhy.