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Likely from a Northumbrian alteration of earlier Old English suþern, suþærn. The switch from -ern to -ron is likely due to the influence of Old Norse rann (place, house, home) on Old English ærn (home, place). More at southern.


southron (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Southern.
  2. (archaic, Scotland) English, from England.


southron (plural southrons)

  1. (archaic) A southerner, someone from the south.
  2. (archaic, Scotland) An Englishman.
  3. (Scotland, uncommon) A Lowlander, a Scottish person from south of the Highlands.
  4. Alternative letter-case form of Southron (someone from the Southern US)
    • 1890, T. C. DeLeon, Four Years in Rebel Capitals[1]:
      To the natural impressibility of the southron, the Louisianian adds the enthusiasm of the Frenchman.