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space suit (plural space suits)

  1. A system of protective and pressurized clothing, together with environmental equipment, worn by astronauts when in space.
  2. A pressurized protective outfit worn by people working with extreme biohazards.
    • 1994, Time - Volume 144, Issues 10-18:
      Yale officials may have to consider treating Sabia virus as a so-called class 4 biohazard from now on, which means researchers will be able to handle it only inside a glove box or while wearing a space suit.
    • 1998, Carole Marsh, New Mexico Hot Zones!:
      It is really a pressurized, heavy-duty biological space suit.
    • 2008, Ken Alibek, Biohazard, page 54:
      Zone Two had its own protective gear—not quite so cumbersume as the space suit, but still requiring an elaborate rite of passage from the outside world.


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