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From space +‎ -ly.


spacely (comparative spacelier or more spacely, superlative spaceliest or most spacely)

  1. Of, relating to or pertaining to space, especially outer space; space-like.
    • 1994, SPIN - Mar 1994 - Page 28:
      This show wants to offend no one, and suffers great pains to avoid doing so, right down to the sexless leotards it crams everyone into, a spacely effort to promote a new brand of spacely political correctness.
    • 2005, David Mansour, From Abba to Zoom:
      While zooming from Los Angeles to London, this commercial orange rocket ship with three crew members and four passengers is drawn into a spacely time warp and crash-lands on a strange planet occupied by giant-sized people on the sci-fi TV series Land of the Giants.
    • 2008, Michael F. Wagner, The Enigmatic Reality of Time:
      The Earthly chronometer will indeed indicate that several decades have passed; whereas the spacely chronometer will indicate instead that several years have passed.
    • 2011, Bob Sehlinger, Grant Rafter, Menasha Ridge, Beyond Disney:
      Another room sports an array of simulators that will be of the most interest to kids, allowing them to land a shuttle, dock with the space station, walk on the moon, and engage in other spacely pursuits.


spacely (comparative spacelier or more spacely, superlative spaceliest or most spacely)

  1. By space, or in a spaced or spacious manner.
    • 1982, Stefan Marinov, Classical Physics: Mathematical apparatus - Page ix:
      To realize a NTS one must have a spacely extended clock.
    • 1985, Univerzita J.E. Purkyně v Brně. Lékařská fakulta, Sborník prací Lékařské fakulty v Brně - Volume 92 - Page 91:
      For the elucidation of steric relations of the GABA interaction with receptors and with metabolical enzymes 3-aminocyclobutane carboxylic acid was synthetized, which is a spacely restricted GABA analog (Safanda and Sobotka, 1982).
    • 2002, Water and Land Development - 2002 - Page 21:
      Geological surveys, (FlC, 2000) support the idea of a spacely restricted leakage from an underlying aquifer system being the reason for this.
    • 2010, Andrzej Kwiecien, Piotr Gaj, Piotr Stera, Computer Networks:
      It is assumed that a general mixed state ρ is given in the sector A and the problem is to “send it” to the spacely separated sector C.