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sparkle +‎ -er


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sparkler (plural sparklers)

  1. A hand-held firework that emits sparks.
    • 2006, Marcus Collins, Modern Love (page 258)
      The Playboy cover was of a girl in grey slacks and sandals, one hand on hip and the other waving a sparkler for Independence Day.
  2. (slang) A gem or ornament that sparkles.
    • 1964, Mexican Life: Mexico's Monthly Review (volume 40, page 65)
      When the bill came, I got a side-glance at it, and hoped Rose would have to hock her sparklers to pay it.
  3. A vivacious and charismatic person.
    • 2008, Robert Scott, Driven to Murder: The Blood Crimes at the Sam Donaldson Ranch:
      “As for Marilea, she was a sparkler. She was very effervescent. The family would often come out as a family unit when we were in the barnyard or the horse corral, and Marilea was just fine.”
  4. (informal) A sparkling wine.
    • 1984, Sheldon Wasserman, Pauline Wasserman, Sparkling Wine (page 238)
      Irvine's white, a grape variety named for Hans Irvine, who developed the vineyards at Great Western (now owned by Seppelt), is frequently used in the Australian sparklers.
  5. A tiger beetle.
  6. (dated) One who scatters; especially, one who scatters money; an improvident person.