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From Ancient Greek σπάθη ‎(spáthē, any broad blade of metal or wood). Cognates include spatula.


spathic ‎(comparative more spathic, superlative most spathic)

  1. (geology, mineralogy) Having good cleavage.
  2. (neologism, slang) Having attractive cleavage of the breasts.
    • 1996 April 14, "Lingster" (username), "NEW: AMAZON ARTIFACT 7/8 (M/F cs ama. trans.)", in, Usenet
      Stephanie pressed Steve's 25-inch chest (64 cm) into the crevice between her own spathic, hypertrophied milk-producing organs.
    • 2000 April 7, Alex Jay Berman, "Re: Cleavage", in misc.writing, Usenet:
      So? Any of you out there wanna demonstrate how spathic you are?
    • 2003 September 26, "Captain Button" (username), "Re: Orogeny, erogeny wasn't Re: Slide rules", in rec.arts.sf.written and sci.geo.geology, Usenet:
      Didn't the Alfred Bester tribute in one of the Callahan's Bar stories use the old geologist's pun of describing a young woman as "spathic"?
    • 2005 June 29, David McMillan, "Re: Sea Wasp is not happy with us", in rec.arts.sf.written, Usenet:
      It only makes up for the lack of spathic content if the tentacles are, ahem, 'Centaurian' in nature.