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From spear +‎ wood; named for the use made of the wood by Australian Aborigines to make spear shafts.


spearwood (uncountable)

  1. (Australia) The erect woody evergreen shrub Kunzea ericifolia, endemic to Western Australia.
    • 1966, Western Australian Forests Department, Bulletin, Issues 63-77, page 62,
      Peppermint (Agonis flexuosa), attaining heights of up to 30 feet, is the principal understorey species in the south, while Banksia menziesii, Banksia grandis, Banksia attenuata, Casuarina fraseriana, black wattle and spearwood (Kunzea ericifolia) predominate in the north.
    • 1998, Noel Hoffman, Andrew Brown, Orchids of South-West Australia, page 201,
      In these areas it is found usually under Spearwood, Kunzea ericifolia in low-lying situations adjoining winter-wet swamps [] .
  2. (Australia) The shrub Acacia doratoxylon.
    • 1976, Society for Growing Australian Plants, Australian Plants, Volume 9, Issue 69 - Volume 10, Issue 84, page 379,
      Clinging to the sparse soil beneath the trees are the hardy acacias — Spearwood (Acacia doratoxylon), with its long, narrow leaves (up to 10cm long by 2-5mm wide), a tall shrub with golden-yellow flower spikes to 2cm; [] .
  3. (Australia) The flowering vine Pandorea doratoxylon.
  4. (Australia) The eucalypt Eucalyptus doratoxylon.